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From throughout Texas to the streets of Dallas, stray dogs live a very hard life.  For many, their only hope is to be picked up and placed in shelters.  And while this takes the dogs off the streets—it doesn’t guarantee they will escape near certain death.

Tawana Couch and her Dog Rescue 911 team are dedicated to finding these strays, getting them the medical attention they need and finding their forever homes through no-kill shelters located in other states that have a place for them.


Dog Rescue 911 is a TV-style show about a team of animal professionals and rescuers dedicated to rescuing stray dogs from the streets and getting them to no-kill shelters to find their forever homes. This show is in development, follows the adventures of Tawana Couch and her Dog Rescuer 911 team. Each day and each dog are as different as the various stories from the team and offer unique situations.  Abandoned, hurt or simply born on the streets with nowhere to go - these are the dogs Dog Rescue 911 is prepared to help. The goal is always the same—rescue these dogs and get them to shelters that can find them forever homes.    


See Abby's and her puppies' rescue story, thanks to Tawana and her team


See Kedric's rescue story, thanks to Tawana and her team

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